Fly Feet Running - 21 Day Challenge

the point system

You track your points on the honor system.  Capture them in your journal and remember and log them on the Fly Feet dry erase board.  Just like our workouts… your progress, your success is all dependent on you. 

Maximum number of points: 115

Max 32pts

Take a Fly Feet class. 
Over 21 days, that means you can get 2 points for a maximum of 16 FFR workouts, yes you can do the traveling workout and earn 1 point.  Plan on 5 rest days (which you also get one point for…)

Max 5 pts

Plan on 5 rest/recovery days over the course of 21 days.  (One point each.)  To do this, you can either follow our recovery blog at home, or you can come in and do a workout, but have the coaches scale it for you so that it’s a recovery workout.



No alcohol. No added sugar (only raw honey, Stevia, maple syrup, or agave). No preservatives.  No packaged foods.  No gluten.  No soy.  Only sprouted grains.  Only organic/grassfed dairy.


8.5+ hours of shut eye including naps. This should be an average for your week.  That means, you can make up deficits on the weekend, if you need to.


Drink 64oz of water a day

Bonus Points

1 point - Fly Lab attendance

1 point - bringing a new buddy to workout , max 3 points

1 point/week for Intermittent Fasting (16hours), max 3 points

1 point/day - social media tagging, max 6 points