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Fall Fit Challenge

The Skinny:

Our Challenges are epic.  They are a chance to chase your own personal best.  We do these frequently because we know life gets crazy and we all need a snap back every now and then to stay on track – especially after a summer of fun.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey, these challenges are designed to allow you to get yourself into a routine that works and delivers results. 

These are not a diet, or a cleanse or any other gimmick.  They are a true lifestyle - - a way that you could (and probably should … except for a cheat day here and there) live.  Our challenges are sustainable and designed for how the human body is supposed to function and perform.  They include nutrition plans, training, hydration tracking, sleep tracking, mobility, accountability, and the best coaches and community to keep you on track. 

Training Overview:

The training component of our challenges is always very deliberate and specific, so that you can see the change you’re looking for, whether it is an increase in performance, or weight loss.  We ask you to come to Fly Feet every single day because we train like a team would.  The programming is built so that you CAN come 21 days in a row, no matter your fitness level.  We build in recovery and we modify for each individual based on his or her needs. 

Nutrition Overview:

Nutrition is the base of any performance plan.  If you want to see change, you have to look at how you’re fueling your body.  No single way of eating is right for everyone.  You have to tinker to see what works for you.  We give you the space to do that during these challenges.  This time, the nutrition component of the challenge will focus on eating ONLY whole foods.  Nothing processed, nothing from a package.  We will only eat things from the land, from the sea, or from the sky.  We’ll give you recipes and nutrition guidance to set yourself up for success.

The Details:

The kickoff is on Wednesday 9/6 at 5:30 p.m. at Fly Feet.  This is a one-hour workshop where we'll discuss strategies for making the challenge successful for you, why and how we're training the way we are, lots of knowledge about nutrition, and a chance for lots of Q&A.  It will be informative, educational, and even a little mind blowing.  

The challenge starts on Saturday, 9/9 for 21 days.  It's free for members, so join us.  The first month for new members is $129.  You'll be glad you committed 21 days to living your best life.  

Sign up here.  Questions?  Hit us up:  lets.fly@flyfeetrunning.com 


Earlier Event: September 6
Fall Fit Challenge Kickoff