15 South 5th Street #100
Minneapolis, MN 55402


Fly Feet Running

It's baseball season and parking can be a little tricky during home games. Check the Twin's schedule to to see if you need to give yourself a little extra time.

PARKING Monday - Friday until noon

Embassy Suites Valet Parking  -  Hennepin Entrance: 

  • Pull in the garage off of Hennepin. (Not the front of the hotel.)
  • Tell the valet you’re with Fly Feet.
  • Class packers/passers:  When you pick up your car, pay $7.  
  • Members:  Get a voucher from the desk to give to Embassy.  We will charge your account $2 for each voucher.  You don’t need to do a transaction with Embassy.  
  • Parking at Embassy is not available after 11:30 a.m. on Fridays through Sunday.
  • There is a two hour time limit.  

Street Parking: Six parking lots are within a two-block radius of our studio. Street meters (closest ones are on Hennepin Ave and on 6th street) are free before 8:00,Download the MPLS Parking app to help you out!

PARKING Friday afternoon, Saturday, sunday

Street Meters: Street meters are free before 8:00am (closest ones are on Hennepin Ave and on 6th street).  Download the MPLS Parking app to help you out! 

Parking Lot: There is a lot between the Gay 90’s and Sneaky Petes, people call it the “stripper lot” :)  It’s $2 on the weekends before 4:00pm.


We offer indoor bicycle parking.


Light rail and bus stops are less than a block away.  


We're in the 15 building — take the skyway to the "15 Building" and use the elevator to get to the first floor. You'll have to step outside for 7 seconds to enter our space from the front.  The skyway is open M-F from 6:30am to 6:30pm.