Fly Feet Running - 21 Day Challenge

KICKOFF, Saturday January 7

Can’t make the kickoff on 1/7?  No problem, we have a makeup kickoff sesh on 1/9 at 5:30.


Treadmighty Workout: 9am or 11:45am

Start off your challenge with a “Treadmighty” workout. It’s measurable, repeatable and observable.  You’ll do it at the beginning and the end of the challenge to show your improvement.  Kinda like a time trial, but way more fun.


Program overview: 10:15am

We’ll walk you through how the program works, the point system, the nutrition, the workouts, and how to manage it all. 

10 tips: Learn our exclusive 10 robust tips to drop the lb’s you gained over the holidays and live a healthier life.  These are game changers. 

Socialize: Meet your fellow winners who decided to take the plunge!  We’re in this together, baby!!

Sample: Kombucha, Apple Cider Vinegar shots, coffee (yes, coffee is still ok!) and more!